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Ich lese gerade

Das Erbe der Macht - Band 8: Opfergang
Andreas Suchanek, Anita Jones-Mueller; Esther Hill; Susan Goldstein; Erica Bohm; Nicole Quartuccio
Wolfsthron: Under the Northern Sky 1 - Roman
Opal Carew, Wolfgang Thon
Bereits gelesen: 256/576 pages
Locke & Key: Bd. 6: Alpha & Omega
Joe Hill, Gabriel Rodríguez

Erster Satz | David Whitaker: Doctor Who and the Daleks

Doctor Who And The Daleks - David Whitaker

I stopped the car at last and let the fog close in around me. 


I knew I was somewhere on Barnes Common and I had a suspicious idea it was the most deserted part as well. A warm fire and the supper my landlady would have waiting for me seemed as far away as New Zealand. I wondered how long it would take me to walk home to Paddington and the possible answer didn't do anything to cheer me up. 


A fitting end to an impossible day, I thought savagely.