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Sandman, Bd. 4: Die Zeit des Nebels
Deck Giordano, Neil Gaiman, Harlan Ellison, George Pratt, Malcolm Jones III, Matt Wagner, Mike Dringenberg, P. Craig Russell
Die Dame vom See (Hexer, #5)
Andrzej Sapkowski, Erik Simon
Smoke: Roman
Katrin Segerer, Dan Vyleta
Bereits gelesen: 209/624 pages
Deutsch für Kenner
Wolf Schneider
Doctor Who And The Daleks
David Whitaker

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Syren  - Angie Sage, Mark Zug

It was Nicko's first night out of the House of Foryx, and Jenna thinks he is going a little crazy. 


Some hours previously, on Nicko's insistence, Septimus and Spit Fyre took Jenna, Nicko, Snorri, Ullr and Beetle to the Trading Post - a long string of harbors on the edge of the land where the House of Foryx lies hidden. Nicko had been desperate to see the sea once more, and no one, not even Marcia, felt able to refuse.