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Happy Hour in der Hölle: Bobby Dollar 2
Tad Williams
Lucifer Book Two
DEAN ORMSTROM, Peter Gross, Mike Carey, Various
Sleeping Beauties
Stephen King, Owen King, Bernhard Kleinschmidt
Bereits gelesen: 502/960 pages
Nicholas St. North and the Battle of the Nightmare King - Laura Geringer, William Joyce

But the Lunar Lamas were the most serene men on Earth, and no amount of arguing could get them to hurry. [...] 


"We appreciate your concern," said one Lama.

"We understand your frustration," said another.

"We sympathize completely," said the next. 

"We regret the situation," said the fourth.

"We must receive a sign," said another. 

"We hope you understand," said the last.

"Sorry," concluded the one who had spoken first, smiling.



Their response had left Ombric livid. It was fortunate that he was astrally projected, for had he been in physical form, he might have punched each and every holy man squarely in his Moon-shape face.